Clear Brook FFA
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 Hi I'm Chase Hayman, your Clear Brook FFA chapter Reporter. Many things that I love to do is raise my animals, just so you know I'm a pig freak! I love to play baseball and race dirt bikes.
 Ever since I was a little kid I've always wanted to raise animals and be a bull rider. I now know I am not cut out to be a bull rider so I chose to take the opportunities I was shown by excelling in the FFA family. another thing about me is that I wanted to be the best baseball player alive and dirt bike rider but I chose to leave my passion for baseball behind and i haven't ridden dirt bikes in awhile because of the new path I took in FFA. I look up to my parents because they continue to push me to be the best kid/son i could be. One thing I have learned from growing up around my family is that no one is perfect, and we make mistakes, but if you keep trying you will succeed in accomplishing your goals!
 I want to carry out the goal of being the best leader, and friend i can be for you as your FFA reporter.


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